• The folk custom

    The folk custom is the masses’ customs and habits formed in thelong-term production and livelihood. It also is the crystallizationof collective wisdom of the masses and the full valuable culturalheritage.
  • Introductory Remarks

    The season’s folk custom originats from the calendar of theastronomy, the climate and phenology ,relates closely to the socialactivities such as the production and livelihood,the folkconviction,the commemoration celebration and the culturalrecreation, is an organic part of the traditional culture.
  • Auspicious Folk Custom

    Auspicious folk custom is the manifestation that the human raceprays for trying to gain auspiciousness and avoiding calamity,obtaining safety, health, a long life, wealth and rank andhappiness. The auspicious folk customs in Suzhou are very rich andembody in the folk conviction, the ceremony and propriety of humanlife and the production and livelihood etc. They reflect the finepursuit and yearning of the Suzhou’s people.
  • Introductory Remarks

    The custom of cultivating children in Suzhou id rich and varied.There are a series of the standard of ceremony and propriety andmatiers when a baby was born, a month old and his first birthday.It reflects that the people in Suzhou advocate the culture andeducation and pay close attention to and look forward to thehealthy growth of the new life.