Auspicious Omens –Xiaojing Yan’s Solo Exhibition

Date:2018-02-09 Browsing Times:10278


Location: Nanmu Hall,Mansion of Prince Zhong


Xiaojing Yan is known for her intricate sculptural installations that explore the intersections of the natural and cultural worlds. She returned to her homeland with the solo exhibition “Auspicious Omens”. She recreated works according to her profound imagination and reinterpretation. She transforms lingzhi mushrooms, pine needles, freshwater pearls and cicadae, among others, to explore special and familiar feelings by blending them with each other. We could be given her idea to present traditional Chinese mythology and folklore in a contemporary perspective and presentation.

In the traditional Suzhou garden, she created a staircase with golden cicadas, a scholar’s rock- like cloud made by freshwater pearls, the cloudy mountain by pine needles, the morning glory climbing on the beams, the patina covered bronze lingzhi mushroom coming out of the wall, and etc Audiences are carried into a fancy world through her works. The carefully selected works have self-meanings but are presented in varied ways to give the idea of longevity and auspicious. Her work is at once simple and complex; concrete and abstract; personal and universal. Xiaojing Yan also pours the idea of everything has spirit into her work, gives Qi and energy as well.

According to her work, as a first generation Canadian, Yan is offering her own perspectives on issues of Chinese culture and customs blending into contemporary natural views. We could find out the oriental smart and western style in her exhibition.