Two Bronze Eleven-faced Standing Statues of A valokiteshvara

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A pair of bronze statues of Buddha of Mercy. The Buddhas stand on lotus bases. They wear the heaveyly suits, with different pearls and jewelry ornaments.

Boxwood Buddhist Sutra Box

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Waist37.8CM Width19.2CM Height21CM

It was found in 1956 from the Tiger Hill Pagoda, the box was made with fine craft. The inner bottom is padded with silk

Mother-of-pear Inlaid Sutra Case

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Length34.8CM Width13.7CM Height12.7CM

It is composed with three parts. The lid is decorated with three groups of flowers, and adorned with crystals. The middle part is decorated with interlocking peony and pomegranate flowers. The platform is decorated with grass pattern.

Celadon lotus-flower-shaped bowl, Yue ware

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Five Dynasties, 907-960
13.5 x 13.8cm.

A set of precious celadon bowl was discovered in Huqiu Pagoda in1956. It is beautiful and exquisite, a truly representative pieceof artwork from Yue kiln. It is also a rare piece of “Olivegreen”Celadon.

The set is composed of two parts, a bowl and a saucer. The bowl isupright mouth, deep belly and ring foot; the shape of the saucer islike dou, contracted waist. The mouth of the saucer is averted andthe ring-foot is flared. There are bass-relief overlappedlotus-flower decorations on the surface of the bowl, the face ofthe saucer, and the ring foot. The design is cunning and the shapeis exquisite like a blooming lotus-flower. The porcelain-body iswhite with a tinge of gray and close texture. The granule isidentical and pure. The center of the tray is flat with a hole madeto the bottom. Inside the foot ring near the hole, there are twoChinese characters, “Xiang ji”, which identifies the name of themaker. The whole set is cast with green glaze, thick but evenly. Itis shining like jade, smooth like silk.

“Olive green” Celadon was first fired during Tang Dynasty, FiveDynasties and Song Dynasty. Family Qian, the King of Wuyue,appointed an officer from Linhu to supervise the kiln operation.Therefore, “Olive green” Celadon became imperial use only.

Lotus, also named is water lily, often symbolizes wonderfulvirtues. It grows in dirt but comes out white and clean, lookingvery elegant, and poetic. On the other hand, the lotus carries acertain religious implication of the seventh heaven and rebirth inBuddhism. Thus, the lotus is widely used as an ornament in Buddhisttemples and pagodas, sculptures, paintings and shrines. Ittherefore led us to believe that the artist was a devout BuddhismBeliever, and his work was a final product superbly merging theBuddhism mental practice and art craft in one.

Pearl Pillar of the Buddhist Shrine

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