Fenqing With Flower-Petal-Shaped Rim-glazed Pomegranate-shaped Zun-vessel

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ci03 .png

Height16.2CM Caliber6.9CM

It has a pomegranate shape, applied with pink green glaze. The glaze is bright, smooth and elegant. A signature in the bottom is applied in underglazed blue writes "Made in Emperor Yong Zheng's Reign Qing Dynasty".

Underglaze Red Guanyinzun-vase with Sea Wave and Dragon Designs

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This wase is applied in transparent glaze with a slight cyan. Two dragons in underglaze red are playing with the Flamming pearl over the sea waves. The Red color is pure and bright but still with partially green.

Jiaotai Pillow,Gongxian Wave

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Height10CM Caliber21.5CM Width14.7CM

It is a porcelain pillow, decorated with flowers pattern.The pillow top was finly decorated, three flowers groups in mixed brown and white colors crowd a five-petal plum flower. The bottom of the pillow is applied in green glaze, a signature with four Chinese

Famille Rose Fast Plate

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Length: 6.6 cm

Width: 4.4 cm

Thickness: 0.8 cm

Dish with peony and butterfly design

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4.5cm high,21.2cm in mouth diameter 13.6cm in bottom diameter

The inion of the bottom is the blue-and-white regual scrip "Da QingYong Zheng Nian Zhi".

The butterfly in Chinese pronunciation is as same as 70 years old,which means long life. And the peony means wealth.The design ofbutterflies and peonies gives a good wish to the family elders