Visiting Information

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The entrance is located at the Dong Bei Street close to thecrossroad of Dong Bei Street and Qi Men Road.   


Museum Hours: 9 am - 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday (No admissionafter 4 pm), the museum is closed on Monday except the nationalholidays.

Visitors will be informed previously if the museum is closed forspecial activities or maintenance.


Address: 204 Dong Bei Street, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Telephone: 0512-67575666


Suzhou Museum was free open to the public from May 18, 2008.   

A: Security Check
Visitors shall take the security check before entering the museum  in the left side office.

B: Green Passage
Reserved Groups:

Groups should make reservations 1to 3 days before arrival at86-512-67575666; the museum staff will schedule your visit, andissue a priority of visit upon your arrival. Any change ofschedule, please inform us at 86-512-67575666.

Special Visitors:

Senior citizens aged 60 or above with valid ID

Active solider or disabled people with valid ID

Retired veteran cadre with valid ID, a company is allowed

Children under 1.20 meters in height with adult

People work for the museum or cultural relic institute with validID

Tour guide accompanying a group (the tour guide certificate willnot be accepted as a free admission warrant)

Approved journalist with valid ID, please contact ourAdministrative Department at 86-0512-67575111

Charged Admission:

Charges may be required for some special exhibitions.  

Public Services

 A: Orientation
Guided Tours: Docents are available both in English and Mandarin.Please make reservations, 50 RMB/tour for Chinese and 100 RMB/tourfor English .

Volunteer Docents: volunteer docents are available in the lobbyaccording to our schedule.

Audio Guide: portable Audio Guides with earphones in English,Japaness and Cantonese are available in the lobby., they areequipped with volume control and recorded programming, 30 RMB/set.

Museum Map: free museum map and publications both in English andMandarin are available at the Information Desk.

Information: There is multimedia touch-screen in the lobby

B: Video programs
Orientation Room

Free programs, 60 minutes

The Collections of Suzhou Museum (Chinese with English subtitles)

The Prince Zhong’s Mansion of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (Chinesewith English subtitles)

I.M. Pei and the New Suzhou Museum (Chinese with English subtitles)

Roaming around the Suzhou Museum (Chinese with English subtitles)

Four videos will be a round of Show

9:15 am to 10:15 am

11:00 am to 12:00 am

1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

C: Education & Extension Programs
D: Tea House: resting and tea sipping in the Tea House and theWisteria Garden. We provide both Chinese and Western-style tea andpastries.
E: Museum Shop: located at the east wing to the Great Hall, theMuseum Shop features the souvenirs and publications by the KingdomINC., you can also find the books about the museum at the desk inthe Great Hall.
F: Coat Check: free check in of visitors’ luggage, clothing and otherarticles, locates in the west wing beside the Great Hall.
G: Accessibility: Wheelchairs are available free of charge atcoat-check areas, lifts are accessible to each floor, and restroomson the B1 for the people with disabilities are accessible on eachfloor.
H: Lost and Found: Please call 86-0512-67575666 or inquire at theInformation Desk about lost belongings.
 I: First Aid: there is a first-aid kit at the Information Desk.
J: Parking: there are two parking lots around the museum, which arethe Lion Forest Garden and the Humble Administrator’s GardenParking lots, the fee is 10 RMB for a daytime. Bicycles can parkalong the Qi Men Road at the owner’s risk; the museum has noresponsibility for theft.


Notice to Visitors

 A: The constant temperature is 20 Celsius degree in the museum; Thevisitors with improper attire or slippers (made of sponge, plasticand cotton cloth) are not allowed to enter the Museum.

B: Please keep your voices down in the Museum.
C: No smoking in the museum
D: No pets in the museum
E: Food and colored drinks are not permitted in the museum except inthe Tea House
F: No mobile phone in the galleries and video room
G: Video camera is not permitted in the museum. The use of flash isprohibited, no tripod. Photographs cannot be published, sold,reproduced, transferred, distributed or other commercially exploit.Photography is not permitted in special exhibitions or areas withthe sign ‘No Photography’; any photos for news release or otherspecial purpose, please call the Administration Department ofSuzhou Museum at 86-0512-67575111 during business hours.
H: Suzhou Museum reserves the right to adjust the policy ofphotography.
Please use pencil, ballpoint, crayon, pastel and charcoal tosketch; the use of ink, fountain pen and paints is prohibited; donot use stand and bother other visitors when sketching. Somespecial exhibitions may not allow to sketch.

I: The library is only open to staffs and volunteers, people withrecommendations issued by cultural units or academic institutes canuse the library.
J: Enquiry at 86-0512-67575666   

Getting Here

By bus

A number of buses service the area, including the1, 2, 5, 40, 55,178, 202, 309, 313, 518, 529, 811 and 923.

By car

Drive off the Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway or theSuzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway from the Guan Duli Exit, Suzhou.Then turn to Bei Huan lu (the north ring road) for about 500 metersand turn left to Qi Men Road, the museum is about 200 meters ahead.